Who we are

Caramel is a Belgian publishing house specialized in the creation and packaging of edutainment books for children. We offer quality design books for an affordable price. We export our books worldwide with our target strategy on the “mass market”.

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Our Values


We believe in education with fun, and books can be a great support for this. Most recent research on educational methodology for children has demonstrated that a child learns most effectively while having fun. So, “fun and education” have become key when creating the content for our books. As these elements have also proven to be effective in building a child’s self-confidence, autonomy, creativity, they have also become our passion.

Accessible & Quality Products

We want to guarantee the best quality at an affordable price. Our mission is to therefore provide educational content to as many children as possible all around the world. We always create books that are pleasant to read and that will appeal to the largest number of households possible.

Innovation and creativity

Every week, we add new titles to our catalogue. One of our main challenges is to innovate and be imaginative when it comes to the creation of new books. Our team of graphic designers is completely involved in this process, constantly developing new content, new concepts, new support and new methods. The objective is to always present distinctive content to our clients and we are ever conscious that it is essential to remain creative and stay up to date.
In addition, we believe that a successful company should remain innovative. This way we always stay open-minded to new approaches to work, particulary given how digitalisation has changed children’s habits and their way of learnig. Educational methods have to adapt to the rising influence of online devices, and we see in digitalisation an opportunity to create “after school” exercises too, hence our ongoing digital experiments, mainly tested on Orleansgames.com (additional online educational activities). 

Great Partnership

It is important for us to create a unique bond with all our collaborators from the creative process to the distribution process, including printing. We also enlighten our illustrators’ work and creativity when editing our books. We listen to our consumers’ needs and try our best to fit their requirements, and we aim at being reliable and trustworthy by ensuring the delivery of our products with respect to the deadlines.


We aim at reducing our environmental footprint as much as  possible, which is why we have multiple eco-friendly labels associated with our books. It shows our involvement in and commitment to become more environmentally friendly.

  • FSC: protection and preservation of natural communities and high conservation value forest.
  • BSCI: support sustainable working conditions.
  • B-Corp: officially certified since april 20th 2023

As a team, we also decide every year on specific new action plans and environmental projects.

Our Mission

Caramel’s objective is to create, develop and produce after-school and practical resources that foster a fun and educational environment for children around the world. 

We want to stimulate children’s reading and learning experiences through playful but educational means.

Our History